The Twilight Princess project is an investigatory look into the video game fantasy world of Hyrule. This iteration of the Zelda series features a rich culture of humans and different fantasy creatures, all of which are being affected by a dramatic and evil takeover from a Shadow Realm.

Research Question

Our investigation is particularly one of language used throughout the story of Twilight Princess. Language is one of many parts of life that shows how different people are affected by the unfamiliar events in their lives. We are looking to see what types of language different characters are using, and how that changes throughout the game. What characters are helping our silent hero and how? By analyzing and carefully tracking the race, gender, and linguistic patterns, we will be able to see. The patterns we have tracked are: Background Information, Questions, Requests, Rhetorical Questions, Tutorial, and Guidance, all of which are defined on the linguistic elements graph of the graph page.


Being a primarily exploratory look into the story of Twilight Princess, we believe that some obvious trends will appear, such as the decrease of use of tutorial speech throughout the game. But besides these simple trends, the rest is up in the air.

of this project: Ashley Bakaitus, Eleanor Bennett, and Daniel Brabander. With special thanks to David Birnbaum.