Count of Linguistic Elements per Act by:

Background Information - Guidance - Questions
Rhetorical Questions - Requests - Tutorial
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Act 1: 10 1 Act 2: 64 2 Act 3: 56 3 Act 4: 40 4 Act 5: 58 5 Act 6: 7 6 Act 7: 32 7 Act 8: 56 8

Background Information: This speech element is important because it describes the history of Hyrule beyond Links lifetime, giving pieces of information that explains why things like the twilight invasion are happening.

Guidance: Appearing quite regularly throughout the game, guidance is primarily speech that helps guide Link toward his next destination or goal.

Questions: Questions in Twilight Princess are often used to direct Link to one of the other linguistic elements. Requests and Guidance were often delivered as questions instead of simple statements.

Rhetorical Questions: Named such because of their relation to Japanese patterns of questioning and not because they are always rhetorical, these are question words or phrases that are attached to simple statements.

Request: Link receives many requests that range from simple tasks to long and extensive quests that will help him to restore peace to Hyrule.

Tutorial: This speech element is used to instruct Link, but also the real world user, on how to perform different actions.